Thrust-Cut Nipper

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Thrust Cut Nippers for Fan Gates

Thrust Cut nippers, available with optional heat package, are designed to withstand
the demands of high volume production. The TC-63 nippers are capable of cutting fan gates as wide as  3 inches (76 mm), while the TC-40 can cut fan gates as wide as 1-1/2” (38 mm). TC nippers are available in Right Hand and Left Hand versions. (Picture above: TC on the left = LH version and TC on the right = RH version) Please indicate when ordering.
  • Standard Features:
    ♦ High speed steel blades (TC-63)
    ♦ Alloy steel blades (TC-40)
    ♦ Double acting cylinders Tandem 63mm (TC-63) provides twice the cutting force
  • ♦Single cylinder 40mm on the TC-40
  • ♦ Teflon® coated blades

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