HUZ-P Single Stroke Pull Gripper

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HUZ grippers are single stroking grippers used to de-mold parts from the cavity side of a mold. They are available with a 50mm  stroke. The new and improved HUZ P model features a new guide rail and is available in 4 different jaw configurations. With the use of a pneumatic stroke limiter ZSM-HUZ PZ this gripper can be converted into a double stroking gripper.
  • The LG version has complete closing jaws
  • The CS version has a part present sensor (PNP) build into the jaws
  • The CS EP version has a part present sensor (PNP) and an EP coated jaw
  • The EP version has two EP coated jaws
The stroking cylinder features a magnetic piston which allows the use of  inductive sensors to monitor its state. Accessories are featured down below. NPN sensors are available upon request

Part No. Description Closing Force At 87 PSI (6 Bar) [N] Pistons Ø [mm] Part Present Part Present With Plug Stroke H [mm] 
1-743-30-00HUZ-P 32-50 LG35032No No50
1-743-24-00HUZ-P 32-50 CS 35032YesYes30
1-743-25-00HUZ-P 32-50 CS EP35032YesYes40
1-743-31-00HUZ-P 32-50 EP35032NoNo40
Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F Default Position [mm]Weight [g]
1-743-30-00HUZ-P 32-50 LG308056803451310
1-740-24-00HUZ-P 32-50 CS PNP308056803071355.5
1-743-25-00HUZ-P 32-50 CS EP308056803141371
1-740-31-00HUZ-P 32-50 EP308050803171417

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