DB Stroke Reducer

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The DB stroke reducer clips onto the cylinder shaft and allows stroke adjustment on the fly, in increments of 5mm and 10mm. They are designed to  work on all >ASS< pneumatic cylinders with a 20mm, 25mm  and 32 mm bore. The first number after DB = the bore of the cylinder and the 2nd number is the size of the reduced stroke.  DB 10-32 reduces the stroke of a 32mm bore cylinder of 10mm
  • KHZ  20 & 32  cylinder
  • SZD 20 & 32 guided cylinder
  • HUZ pull gripper
  • DSC double stroking cylinder

Part NoDescriptionCyl. BoreA [mm}D [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-701-01-00DB 5-3232245Plastic1
1-701-02-00DB 10-32322410Plastic2
1-701-03-00DB 15-32322415Plastic3
1-701-04-00DB 5-2525205Plastic1
1-701-05-00DB 10-25252010Plastic2
1-701-06-00DB 15-25252015plastic3
1-701-07-00DB 5-2020185Plastic1
1-701-08-00DB 10-20201810Plastic2
1-701-09-00DB 15-20201815Plastic3

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