GRF-35 Gripper Finger

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Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]G [mm]W [°]H ["]Closing ForceMax. [N]Weight [g]
1-451-09-00GRF 14-35 VA1495814M12x135M54023
1-450-03-00-1GRF 20-35 VA20259920M17x135G1/812059.6
1-450-04-00-1GRF 20-35 EP20259920M17x135G1/812060
1-450-20-00-1GRF 30-35 VA303514330M27x135G1/8240194.7
>ASS< Gripper Fingers should be used if vacuum cups or grippers cannot be used or for the removal of sticking parts. The fingertip is positioned close to the part’s edge and pulls the part off the tool as the robot moves. For heavy sticking parts, our GFD cam locking gripper fingers have mechanical locks in place that offer a higher pulling force. The EP version of our gripper fingers provide a soft-touch coating to prevent scratching.
How they work: The fingertip of the gripper finger is pneumatically actuated by an internal piston moving upwards. If air pressure is released a spring pushes the piston down and the fingertip moves back into its default position. We offer brackets that enable to clamp the part between the fingertip and sensors open / close verification.
Soft Touch coating consists of a high strength Elastomere Polyurethane and is applied in a proprietary multi step process in our factory. This coating is abrasion and slip resistant and silicone free. It dramatically reduces or even eliminates marking  of high gloss or other sensitive surfaces. EP working temperature is 194F  ( 90 C ) and short term temperature resistant of up to 266F ( 130 C )