GPM EOAT Base Plate

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* GPM base plate  with counter sunk through holes, channel nuts and socket head screws
# GPM base plate with tapped and counter sunk holes
  •  All non drilled GPMs are marked (dimension C) to aid drilling
  • GPM 3 S (steel) is for higher payloads in conjunction with SWM 3 S
  • GPM in size 2 & 3 are available with XL channel nuts. See drawing option  3

Part No.DescriptionOptionC [mm]D [mm]E [mm]Compatible With
Light System
Compatible With
Compatible With
MaterialWeight [g]
1-005-05-00GPM 012-408---Aluminum29
1-005-10-00GPM 0235608---Aluminum71
1-005-15-00GPM 0 L135608L 18-10/#/M4--Aluminum74
1-005-17-00GPM 0 L/X135608L 18-18/*/M4* / M4-Aluminum96
1-005-25-00GPM 12701008---Aluminum198
1-005-27-00GPM 1 L1701008L 18-10/#/M4--Aluminum202
1-005-30-00GPM 1 X1701008L 18-18/*/M5* / M5-Aluminum125
1-005-40-00GPM 2212016010-Aluminum652
1-005-45-00GPM 2 X112016010-* / M5-Aluminum688
1-005-50-00GPM 2 JU112016010--* / M6Aluminum688
1-005-60-00GPM 3220025010---Aluminum1603
1-005-65-00GPM 3 X120025010-* / M5-Aluminum1644
1-005-66-00GPM 3 X-XL320025010-Aluminum1778
1-005-70-00GPM 3 JU120025010--* / M6Aluminum1663
1-005-71-00GPM 3 JU-XL120025010-Aluminum1787
1-005-62-00GPM 3 S220025010--* / M6Steel4695

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