WGS Semi Automatic Quick Changer Tool Side

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Part No.DescriptionTechnical Data
9-07-003-002-0WGS GS 90EOAT Side
9-07-003-004-0WGS GL 150EOAT Side

WGS Semi Automatic  Quick Changer

This is the EOAT (tool) side of the WGS Quick Changer. It simplifies the change of EOATs and makes it foolproof. No more mix up of hoses and cables. The small version GS 90 is recommended for a 25 LBS payload and has integrated push-in air connectors. The large version GL 150 is rated up to 75 LBS of payload and has 10 x G1/4 threaded air ports. An electrical interface adapter WGS ER is available as well as pre-drilled base plates.

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